Wifi Transformers and Color Changing Products

Wifi Transformers and Color Changing Products

Natural Night-Scapes is always staying on the cutting edge of user friendly control systems.  Recently those have been combined with Color-Changing control in low-voltage (Finally!)

Natural Night-Scapes was the 1st in the midwest to install a full color changing - app based - zoning lighting system back in early 2016 and now have a handful of projects through-out eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

Our systems are currently compatible for Intergration with Lutron, Creston, and Control 4.

The ability to create custom lighting Themes for any type of atmosphere is what has set us apart. These Themes can be changed with just a couple quick swipes on your smartphone.

Mostly these features come in handy during the design phase,  with many color and dimming options we have more confidence in the ability to fine tune your new lighting system during our testing phase.

The FX Luminair Luxor ZDC lighting controller provides the ability to create a spectrum of 30,000 colors using RGBW LED technology with all the same zoning and dimming features as the Luxor ZD. With the ZDC, custom colors can be created for outdoor holiday displays, team spirit themes, company colors, or special events. Color temperatures can be adjusted to match vegetation and architecture, offering unique landscape looks throughout the year. Up to now, custom color creation has been possible only through complicated or very expensive systems designed for commercial use. With Luxor, it’s easy to create and manage colors of connected fixtures wirelessly on the fly through the optional Luxor Wi-Fi app. 

Main Features

  • Up to 250 independently adjustable lighting groups can be created
  • Compatible only with any FX LED fixture or device with zoning, dimming, or color capabilities
  • All groups can be turned on independently and dimmed from 1-100%
  • User interface includes a full color LCD display for easy setup, maintenance and adjusting of groups
  • Uses event-based scheduling, which allows a single group of lights to change dimming percentages throughout the night
  • Optional iOS or Android control with the Wi-Fi module 
  • Wirelessly assign fixtures to groups Detail Features
  • No matter where a light is within a system, it can communicate with the transformer to receive its schedule, dimming percentage, and group
  • Astronomical Timing Function with Map Placement

Linking Features

  • Provides single point of control for multiple controller sites
  • Allows the addition of nine Luxor Satellite controllers
  • 3,000 feet of hardwired connection between primary and satellite controllers


Color Creation

Custom colors are created by combining three factors: hue, saturation, and intensity.

  • The hue is represented in the Luxor ZDC numerically from 0 to 359 to pinpoint the position on the color wheel.
  • Saturation is a percentage of hue which mixes white light with color, and can be adjusted in 1% increments between 1 and 100.
  • The color palette menu on the Luxor ZDC allows the user to save up to 250 custom colors by simply selecting the desired hue and saturation.

Choosing a group in the “test group” column activates a specific group with the custom color.

Ease of setup

With only two wires to connect each fixture nothing changes on setup with Luxor. Communication is sent over the same wires that are used to power each light using any wiring technique you choose.

Astronomical timing

Astronomical timing is one of the best ways to turn on and off a lighting system without the need of a photocell. At FX we created an easy to use map placement feature to select your location. No more numbers, zip codes, or manuals to read, just point to your location.

Dimming and zoning ability using Groups

Every FX ZD/ZDC fixture or device attached to the Luxor can now be adjusted throughout the night using groups which are called to action using diming and the exact time you set.

Pre-set up themes

Change a set of groups as one by setting it up as a theme. Adjust it for the seasons, or have setting for when it’s time to have an outdoor movie night.

Themes allow quick and easy call up of a set of groups at predetermined intensity levels.

Luxor Linking

Luxor Linking allows users to hardwire up to nine Luxor Satellite controllers, while maintaining a single point of control. The addition of Luxor Satellite controllers reduces potential Wi-Fi coverage issues often seen on sites requiring multiple Luxor controllers. The combination of Luxor Linking and the Luxor Satellite provides an affordable option for designing and expanding upon Luxor ZD and Luxor ZDC systems.


Extending the living space

A living space changes throughout the night depending on your activity. Using Luxor, you can illuminate a seating area, dining table, or spa at different times of the night or even on different days.

Your lighting system should cater to your lifestyle, using Luxor you can create myriads of scenes catered to the person and landscape.


Five Reasons to Buy Local Lighting, Omaha Nebraska.


“Eat local” and “Drink local” are growing in popularity and validity in communities throughout the country. More people are starting to consume products that are closer to home, which is great for local economies. Along with food and drinks, lights can also be produced close to home!

It is important for customers to understand that a majority of lighting is manufactured and franchised from large corporations. These corporations, which include the lead decision-makers regarding product, design, and installation methods, are usually headquartered far away from home.

Natural Nightscapes wants to help spread the word on why it is better for your community, your house, and your wallet to buy local lighting!

1. There’s No Middleman

When you decide to get your project done by an independent, licensed company, you’re eliminating possible flaws in the process. Hiring Natural Nightscapes means you are hiring a licensed contractor who will design and install your project, get it done in the right time frame, and get paid directly from the customer.

In a franchise setting, the person you are working with has to go through a middleman to get the job done. The middleman may reside in a different region of the country, making communication difficult. This can result in lag time or inefficiencies in your at-home project. It is much easier, more efficient, and safer to work directly with a local business like Natural Nightscapes, instead of a franchise or corporation.

2. Higher Quality Products

In most corporation settings, individual owners are restricted with certain products and design methods. Corporations and franchises set an approved lists of vendors or product lines that the individual owner can use, which usually only contains one or two options. The fixtures that the owners are limited to are lower quality fixtures, and sometimes have smaller warranties. This restricts the customers’ design and vision of their project.

Here at Natural Nightscapes, we give the customer the freedom to choose the exact fixture and light source that will help “Illuminate Your Ideas”. We want the customer to have a finished project that replicates the vision they began with.

3. More Experience and Expertise

 A common misconception is that all franchise owners are expertise in their fields. Realistically, someone can go through two days of training to become a franchise owner. This means that someone can take a 12-hour course to learn the basics of lighting design and can charge the same price for a project as a professional with 25 years of experience.

Since they don’t start being an owner as an expert, they have to learn the job as they go. As a homeowner, you probably don’t want your contractor to be using your lighting project as their guinea pig. Also, the samples that an owner may show you may not be his work, just the companies.

Deciding to choose Natural Nightscapes means you have chosen an independent, licensed contractor with over 10 years of landscape lighting experience on a large variety of projects.

4. Giving Back to Your Local Community

One of the biggest benefits of working with a local and independent business is that your money stays in your community. When you work with a franchiser, a percentage of the money you pay is sent back to the headquarters, usually in a remote location. Also, a franchise owner depends on the franchise or corporation for everything from marketing to distribution, which are all outsourced outside of the local community. On the other hand, an independent business usually works with other local business to complete their day-to-day duties. So when working with Natural Nightscapes, you are helping promote independent business in the Omaha metro area.

5. Competitive Prices

When a local, independent company doesn’t have to share any profits to a higher company, the customers and the employees benefit. When working with a franchise owner, they must share part of the earnings with the parent company, so they are forced to charge customers a higher rate or to use lower quality products. Independent owner can do the same size project using higher quality products while charging lower, competitive prices.

Deciding to work with Natural Nightscapes helps keep competitive prices in the local lighting market and helps support local employees. At Natural Nightscapes, we appreciate your business and we do our best to give back to the community that supports us!

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