A dark landscape can be a creepy, uninviting place so we thought we would shed some light on the subject. Here are 5 of the best reasons to light up your landscape:

1. Security: This is the most obvious reason, but it can be hard to create a lighting plan that both improves security and looks nice. Most security lights are tacky flood lights that actually reduce visibility rather than improve it. A spotlight only shows you what it is pointed at, but reduced visibility elsewhere. A good lighting plan improves visibility throughout the yard both from inside the house as well as from the street where your neighbors can also spot possible intruders. Proper lighting can also keep people outside your house from seeing inside much like a police flashlight helps protect the officer by obscuring the vision of a suspect they are approaching.

2. Safety: Safety differs from security because it is about making sure you can see where you are walking and find your way around the yard without issues. Animals, children, and even adults are more likely to get hurt at night (for obvious reasons), but if you have a great outdoor space and spend time outside at night then you want to make sure you can do so safely.

3. Entertaining: A great entertaining space can be a 24-hour hangout spot with the right lighting. Lighting sets the mood for a great outdoor space and versatility is key. A good lighting design allows you to enjoy your landscape in a well-lit outdoor space while also limiting the amount of insect attracted (see number 5).

4. 24 Hour Visibility: If you are spending money to create a beautiful landscape, then you are wasting money not being about to view it 24 hours a day. So often people design a landscape that can be seen through big beautiful windows, but once evening sets in the view is lost. Regardless of whether you live in an urban area, the suburbs, or even the middle of nowhere, a lighting design can accentuate your property and bring warmth even at night.

5. Reduce Bugs: This one is something people often overlook. You walk to your back door to let your dog out. Flip on the light outside the door and immediately get attacked by hundreds of moths and other bugs. A good lighting plan lights a yard without attracting bugs to doors or windows. When you are entertaining, bright lights on the border of your property can attract annoying moths to the outskirts of the yard and away from your guests.

A good lighting design takes into account all these points and more. People are often surprised at the difference great lighting can make. Testing this can be simple. Just go to any commercial property with professional lights installed and you will notice that not only does it help set the mood, but it also makes being outside a lot more enjoyable.

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